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Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Auckengill hall on Wednesday 11 March 2009 at 7.30pm.

Members Present                                
John Green – Chair                        
Chris Hobson - Vice Chair                        
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                    
Keith Muir – Treasurer
Eric Green
David Flear
Alex Macmanus

 J Watson
Mary Legg                    
J Thomson
C Barnes
C Matheson
A Matheson
M Matheson
C Robertson                                

1.    John Green welcomed everyone to the meeting

2.    Minutes of the last meeting were adopted  Proposed John G  Seconded Irene Hendrie

3.    Dunnet Beach Clean
A and S Contracts had provided a quotation slightly below last years price to carry out a two day clean of Dunnet Beach towards the middle or end of April 09.  Funding was in place from SNH £750.  The community council would contribute funds and Castletown community council had also been asked to contribute.  An application was pending with the Dounreay Communities fund.
                Action  Secretary to liaise with Mary Legg

4.    No Overnight Parking signs
Wild camping had previously been highlighted as an issue at several locations.  The police were able to move campers on if there were ‘no overnight parking’ signs in place.   Signs were needed at Dwarick Pier, the lay by between Freswick and Auckengill and Dunnet Head.  The signs needed to be tamper proof.    Action  Secretary to contact Alex Macmanus

5.    John O Groats photographers sign post
There had been several complaints from visitors that the photographers sign post was not in place.  The photographic service was a private enterprise and as such there was no requirement for him to be there at pre determined times.  There were several other sign posts around the area which could be used instead.  

6.    Planning
The Northern Times and various other regional news papers printed a full list of planning applications each week.  The John O’ Groat Journal did not.  It was not know if this was a decision by North Of Scotland Newspaper or by Highland Council    Action  Secretary to contact JOG Journal

7.    Any other business
Archaeological sites
An archaeologist had recently kept watch over the building of a house near Auckengill where there was not thought to be any relics.  This was a cost for the house builder and the need was questioned.
    Action  Mary Legg to make enquiries.

SEPA consultation
SEPA was carrying out a consultation on the water environment.  It could be accessed from the SEPA website and was open till June

Community Right to Buy
The chairman had attended an event which explained the community right to buy process.  Parts of the Freswick Estate were being sold.  The community council would look further into the matter.

Community Council Election
The community council was expected to arrange elections in November.  This would involve sending out ballot forms and appointing a returning officer.  

The Broch Centre
Work on the centre was underway but it was not known if it would be complete by the summer season    Action  Secretary to contact Helen Allan

Traffic often passed through the village of Auckengill at high speed.  This was dangerous because of the bends in the road and concealed entrances.
    Action   Secretary to contact Alex Macmanus to see if a                      survey could be undertaken

John O’ Groats development
It was hoped that a blueprint for the development could be drawn up and put out for consultation before the end of the summer.  

8.    Date of next meeting and AGM
The next meeting would be held in Freswick hall on Wednesday 8 April 2009 at 7.30.



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