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Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Dunnet Hall on Wednesday 9 September 2009 at 7.30pm.
Members Present                               Highland Council                                
John Green – Chair                             David Bremner Cllr                
Chris Hobson - Vice Chair                  Alex Macmanus, Ward Managers Team
Keith Muir - Treasurer                                                            
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                  
Eric Green      
Jean Barnett
Koreen MacDougal, Caithness Partnership
Prior to the meeting, representatives of GVA Grimley gave a presentation on the John O Groats masterplan. The plan included hotel accommodation, museum, visitor centre, car parking, coastal paths, food and drink offerings and improvements to the harbour area. It allowed for a phased development with an emphasis on good quality building design. Carol Gunn HIE believed the phasing within the design made the development more attractive to investors, as did the holistic approach of the masterplan. Owners of the John O’ Groats hotel Heritage Great Britain plc were said to be enthusiastic. The design would allow existing businesses to operate while the development was taking shape.                                                                        
  1. John Green welcomed everyone to the meeting. 
  1. Minutes of the last meeting were adopted Proposed Eric Green
                                                                           Seconded Chris Hobson
  1. Matters arising from the minutes
Caithness Broch Centre, Auckengill
The community council had contributed £1,000 to the cost of refurbishing the car park prior to the centre opening. There would be a ‘Friends of the Brochs’ meeting in Auckengill on 22 September 2009.   Plans to install interpretive panels at the site would hopefully be available for consultation on the night.
  1. Treasurers Report
A copy of the audited accounts was presented by the treasurer and a copy given to Alex Macmanus for the Ward managers team.
  1. John O Groats development
Members agreed that the masterplan was realistic and the design fitted well with the surrounding area. There was scope for some improvements to be carried out prior to any major development. The community council would be particularly interested in improving the path.
                                          Action   Secretary to contact HIE
  1. John O’ Groats football pitch and playing field
The football pitch was used regularly for matches, football practice and for junior football training. It was in a very poor state of repair and required drainage, lighting and an all weather surface. Improvements were also needed to the nearby children’s play area. Go Play was a new source of funding for play areas which was being launched later in September. Both projects could perhaps be developed jointly.
  1. Village Officers
£1,000 had been given to each Caithness community council to employ village officers. It was suggested that work might be carried out on village halls within the area. Jean Barnett mentioned that grass cutting was needed at the Dunnet forest and she would provide an estimate of how much was required.
                                          Action   Secretary to contact each village hall  
  1. Core Path Bi-lingual signs
David Barclay the Access Officer for Highland Council was required to contact community councils to ask if bi-lingual signs for core paths were required in each area. The members agreed they were not required for core paths in the Dunnet and Canisbay area. Action   Secretary to inform David Barclay
  1. NHS Bi-lingual signs
NHS Highland was consulting on its draft Gaelic plan which included the introduction of Gaelic signs, access to Gaelic radio and broadcasting for patients, Gaelic information leaflets etc. It was agreed that funding would be better directed to improving patient services and facilities.
                                          Action   Secretary to respond to consultation
  1. Local development plan
The Local Development Plan Main Issues Document had been circulated. A response would be sent before the deadline of 9 November 2009. The coastal development plan was also being reviewed. It had earmarked the Pentland Firth coastline as an area of scenic beauty where development should be avoided. This could conflict with other aims to develop tidal power. It could also have implications for development within the community.
                                          Action   Members to gather comments and submit them to the secretary
  1. Bus timetable changes
An acknowledgement had been received from Stagecoach regarding the requested changes to the timetable. No further reply had been received. The bus was occasionally travelling the loop around John O’ Groats and Canisbay but this did not seem to be happening on a regular basis. 
                                          Action   Secretary to write to Stagecoach again
  1. Community Council Elections
Maps showing the current boundaries would be issued soon by the Ward manager. Some were available on line.
                                          Action   Alex Macmanus to check if constitution had been submitted to the ward manager
  1. Caithness partnership
Koreen MacDougal had recently taken up her new post in the Caithness Partnership. She would be working with community groups and encouraging co-operation between voluntary groups and other organisations. She would assist the community council in compiling a community action plan and developing projects such as the John O Groats football pitch and playing fields.
  1. Next meeting
The next meeting would be in Mey hall on Wednesday 14 October 2009 at 7.30.


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