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October 2009


Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Mey hall on Wednesday 14 October 2009 at 7.30pm.
Members Present                                         Apologies                               
John Green – Chair                                 David Bremner Cllr              
Keith Muir - Treasurer                                Alex Macmanus, Ward Managers Team
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                 Eric Green 
  1. John Green welcomed everyone to the meeting. 
  1. Minutes of the last meeting were adopted Proposed John Green
                                                               Seconded Keith Muir
  1. Matters arising from the minutes
      John O Groats development
      Carol Gunn would be invited to attend the next meeting to give an update on       the way forward            Action Secretary to contact her
      John O’ Groats play park
      Eric Green had attended a meeting held in Inverness to launch the Go Play       funding initiative. John Green would attend a follow up meeting with a view to       submitting an application.
      Village Officers
      Jean Barnett of Dunnet Forest Trust had given a quotation of £400 for the       grass cutting work to be done at the forest. It would open up path ways for public access and encourage the growth of wild flowers. Keith Muir would       look into the cost of improving the grass verge in the village of Canisbay and       the stone steps that lead into the school playground.
  1. Treasurers Report
The current bank balance stood at £2,772.47 this was after payment had been made for the Broch Centre car park and the annual Highland Council grant had been received.
  1. Community Council Review
It was agreed that a request should be made to move one section of the boundary to ensure the settlements of Lyth, Reaster and Alterwall were all included in the Bower community council area. Bower had a much smaller population in its district and the settlements of Lyth, Reaster and Alterwall
formed a community which would be best served under one community council.
                              Action Secretary to write to Ian Hargrave
  1. Stroupster Wind Farm
The public Inquiry would take place on 27 October in Mackays Hotel Wick. 
  1. SNH Special Protection Areas (SPA)
A letter had been received from SNH showing the areas designated as Special Protection Areas around the local coastline. It did not differ in any way from the proposed areas outlined prior to consultation. It was disappointing to see that the comments submitted during consultation had not been acted upon.
Next Meeting – Wednesday 11 November in Freswick hall.

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