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APRIL 2010

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Canisbay Hall on Wednesday 14 April 2010 at 7.30pm



John Green - Chair                              
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                                                        
Keith Muir - Treasurer                         
Eric Green
Cllr David Bremner


Chris Hobson
Alex Macmanus – Ward Managers Team
Members of Public
Tina Irving
Brian Sparks
Iain Ham
Isobel Ham
Leonie Knight
The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.
 1.      Minutes of the last meeting were adopted.        Proposed Keith Muir    Seconded Irene Hendrie
 2.      Matters arising from the minutes
 Grit Bins
TEC Services had confirmed additional grit bins would be placed on the West Side Road in Dunnet next winter.
 Litter bins
No decision as yet with regard to placing a litter bin in the lay by at the west end of Dunnet village. 
Action Secretary to contact Alex Macmanus 
The broken coin operated telescope on Dunnet Head had been removed. The concrete plinth was still in place.
 Beach clean
The beach clean at Dunnet would take place at the end of May. A quotation had not yet been received for the work.
 3.      Treasurers report
The bank balance was £2,703.95. Accounts were being finalised for year end audit. £1.06 had been deducted in bank charges for the month.
 4.      Village Officer Funding
The invoices submitted for 2009/10 (Dunnet Forest Trust £400 grass strimming Caithness Machinery Ring £844.56 beach cleaning) had both been rejected by the Association of Caithness Community Councils who administer the Village Officer fund. This was very disappointing. There were no written guidelines for the scheme and the grounds for rejecting them seemed unreasonable, mainly that the invoices were from organisations rather than an individual.                                    
Action Secretary to write to ACCC, re submit invoice for strimming and request clarification
 5.      Dunnet Forest Trust request for funding
The Trust had requested assistance in funding a Health and Safety chain saw course the cost of which was £1,600. Members were keen to help but no decision would be made till the situation regarding village officer funding discussed previously was made. If funding was not received to cover the grass strimming invoice (£400) it would have to be paid from CC funds.
 6.      Stroupster Wind Farm
Members were disappointed the appeal had not taken account of the ballot of residents and that the wind farm would now go ahead. The Government drive to increase renewable energy production meant that opposition from the community and Highland Council had been completely overlooked. A meeting should be arranged as soon as possible with nPower Renewables to see how they would reduce the impact of the development on local residents and the natural environment.                      
Action Secretary to write to nPower Renewables
Treasurer to write to local paper
 7.      Planning: David Bremner took no part in discussions about planning. 
 Iain Ham had a planning application pending for the erection of a house in Freswick. He had made changes to his original design following a site meeting and advice from David Barclay. He had now received a letter from Victor Hawthorne requesting further changes some of which contradicted earlier advice. This was extremely frustrating with additional cost and delay for the applicant. Members present had no issues with the design and fully supported Mr Ham’s application.
Action Secretary to write to Victor Hawthorne supporting the application
 8.      Community Council Review
The review was entering Stage 2 and a summary of Stage 1 consulting on cc boundaries had been received. Members were surprised to note a suggestion from councillors that Dunnet and Canisbay should be split. They proposed that Dunnet and Castletown should be one cc with Canisbay added to Sinclair’s Bay. It was surprising that this had never been mentioned previously although there was ample opportunity for any member to discuss this proposal with the cc. The changes were unwelcome for a great many reasons. Members would seek an early meeting with Highland Council.
Action Secretary to write to Corporate Manager, Ward     Manager and Members
 9.      Dunnet Head Education Trust
The trust had requested assistance in funding its programme of activities. No decision could be made until a written statement of costs, budgets, funding etc was received.   Tina Irving reported that the land ownership dispute with Brough Bay Association was ongoing. John Green stated that the CC did not wish to be involved in the dispute, it being a private matter between two landowners.
 A director of Walker are Welcome would be in Caithness in May and he would give a short presentation at the next CC meeting on 5 May in Dunnet hall. Tina Irving would invite David Barclay and arrange projector, screen etc.
Action Secretary to invite Tom Kellett SNH
 10. History project
Prof Hunter would visit with a colleague in May to discuss the history research project he would be undertaking on John O’ Groats and the surrounding area.
Action Secretary to confirm meeting on 6 May at 6.30pm in Seaview Hotel with members
 11. Next Meeting
Dunnet Hall Wednesday 5 May 2010 at 7.30pm



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