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Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council  Mey Hall
Wednesday 9 June 2010 




John Green    - Chair                                                  

Irene Hendrie - Secretary                                                                   

Chris Hobson – Member
Keith Muir       
Eric Green
In attendance
Alex Macmanus                     
Willie Mackay – Cllr
Members of Public
Tina Irving
Joyce Wilson
Brian Sparks
Jean Barnett
The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were Proposed John Green  Seconded Chris Hobson
 2. Matters arising from the minutes
TEC services were unwilling to place a litter bin at the old road lay by in Dunnet due to the difficult access for a lorry to empty it. He would arrange for a dog waste bin to be placed there instead.
  1. Treasurers Report
The current balance was £2,782.89
  1. Dunnet Beach Clean
The beach clean had just been completed. There was a considerable amount of rubbish placed in the skips which were provided by Highland Council.
  1. Core Path Improvement Funding
Funding was available for improvements to the core path network. The closing date was July 31st 2010. Jean Barnett had a project in mind to improve the paths within the forest.  Chris Hobson also had a project to improve the path at the West Side Dunnet.          Action CH and JB to obtain quotes and submit                                      applications to the secretary before the closing date
  1. Village Officer
Members of the community council would try to identify a list of suitable jobs for the village officer to undertake. 
  1. Path at Ness of Duncansby. 
Although not a core path this was used heavily by local residents and visitors. It was pot holed and needed repair.
                                          Action JG to arrange a quote
  1. Planning
Willie Mackay took no part in the discussions about planning. A recent application to erect an agricultural building in Dunnet concerned residents as there was already heavy traffic going to an existing agricultural shed on the same small croft. The community council studied the drawings and had no objection they would however contact planning to make an observation about increased traffic.                                  
Action Secretary to contact planning
  1. Heritage Path
Tina Irving had contacted Heritage Paths about installing a sign in Brough that would mark the way to Courtfall Loch. The community council had no objection as long as affected landowners and the grazing committee gave their permission.
  1. Walkers are Welcome
The scheme fitted well with local initiatives in Wick and Thurso. Tina Irving was keen to see it established in the Dunnet Head area. The community council could make no commitment to provide the regular funding required or to upkeep paths.
  1. School Playground Lets
Willie Mackay explained that the council had a system which allowed up to 50% reduction in letting fees for the use of playing fields etc. 
 Action WM to forward details to the secretary
  1. Next meeting Wednesday 11 August 2010 at 7.30 in Auckengill hall.

June 2010


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