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September 2010



Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Auckengill Hall on Wednesday 8 August 2010 at 7.30pm
John Green – Chair                                                  
Irene Hendrie - Secretary                                                                   
Chris Hobson – Member                                                                   
Willie Mackay – Cllr
George Murray – Northern Constabulary
 Apologies Keith Muir, Eric Green, Alex Macmanus
Members of Public
Joanna Woodward
Stuart Woodward
Colin Barnes
Alex Mathieson
Catherine Mathieson
Jane Thomson
William Batey
Paula Batey
Philip Colville
Felicity Colville
Millicent Mathieson
Mr Mathieson
Christine Robertson
The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were Proposed Chris Hobson
                                                       Seconded John Green
  1. Treasurers Report
The treasurer was unable to attend
  1. Planning
Cllr Willie MacKay took no part in the discussion. The community council had been approached regarding planning application 10/03116/FUL to erect two turbines at Barrogill Mains, Mey and had obtained the consultation documents. Residents neighbouring the proposed site had serious concerns namely shadow flicker, noise, visual impact, the elevated position and proximity to housing. The Environmental Impact Assessment was not yet available.  There were also concerns raised about the wider impact and cumulative effect of further small scale wind power developments across the county.                                                                  
Action Secretary to make representation to planning
  1. Road repairs
Mrs M Matheson queried why the A111 unclassified Auckengill Township road had been only partly repaired. The verge was giving way in places and required further repair. Mrs Robertson also mentioned pot holes on the A99 in Auckengill
Action Secretary to contact TEC services
  1. Grass cutting
Mrs Robertson said the grass verge on the A99 had been cut only once during the summer. It was difficult for drivers to see traffic clearly when leaving the petrol pumps.                
Action Cllr Willie MacKay to investigate
  1. Speeding
Speeding through the village was raised again by Mrs C Mathieson with ferry traffic thought to be the main cause. Previous traffic surveys were considered by local residents to be misleading as they were carried out at quiet times and in the wrong locations.         Action Cllr Willie Mackay to follow up
  1. Stroupster Wind Farm
The community council had received information from nPower on their expected timetable for beginning work on the development - 2012 to 2013.
  1. Sand boxes
During the winter months sand was required near the council housing.
Action Secretary to request sand box before winter
  1. John O Groats
Heritage GB had written confirming that its land at John O’ Groats not intended for development could be used by the community for games, rallies, gatherings etc. Natural Retreats had lodged a planning application for the development of the existing hotel building and the erection of holiday chalets. 
Action Secretary to write letter of support for application
  1. Dunnet Head Education Trust
Tina Irving had written again regarding her request for support with Walkers are Welcome. The chairman had already written stating that the community council would not be supporting any of the projects she had brought forward
Action Chairman to write again reiterating this point
  1. Elections
The current community council would reach the end of its four year term on 1st December 2010. Adverts for nominations to form a new community council would be published on 8th October.
  1. Next meeting
The next meeting would be on Wednesday 6 October at 7.30 in Freswick or Dunnet hall depending on availability. With the election process ongoing this would be the last meeting of the current community council.



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