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June 2011

 Highland Council is carrying out a review of the provision of schools throughout the region, including our own area where two primary schools - Crossroads and Canisbay - could be affected.

Echoing the views unanimously brought forward by our residents both in the public forum of our March 2011 meeting and informally to your members throughout the area in a wide range of contexts, the Community Council is resolutely opposed to the closure of either school, and we have made representations to the Council to express this view.

Petitions are being organised by the Parents Councils of both schools, so please add your weight to this effort; and we would also urge everyone in our community who places a value on the education of our youngsters and the social importance of keeping our local schools to write to the Highland Councillors to add their weight to the public voice.

The review into the Rural Schools in Caithness has been shelved for a year - but that does NOT mean that our chools are safe, so please, if this is an issue you care about - and if you live in our area, how can it not be? - please keep up the pressure at every opportunity.





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