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Freswick Hall 
Wednesday 6 October 2010 7.30pm
John Green – Chair                                           
Irene Hendrie – Secretary
Keith Muir - Treasurer                                                
Chris Hobson – Member                                                                    
Eric Green – Member
Willie Mackay – Highland Cllr
Mary Halley - member of Public
Lynn Ball - member of Public
Edith Fraser - member of public
Apologies: Alex Macmanus       
The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting
1. Minutes of the last meeting were circulated  
Proposed Chris Hobson seconded John Green
2. Matters arising from the minutes
Stuart Bell Roads and Community Works Manager had responded to the issues raised previously.
The U111 Auckengill Township Road had been partially resurfaced. Complete resurfacing would have been preferable but was not possible due to budget constraints. There were no immediate plans for further work on this road but it would be inspected and any safety defects repaired.
Potholes were routinely repaired. The road at Auckengill was in need of resurfacing which gave rise to more frequent potholes. Resurfacing may be included in the next programme of works for summer 2011.
Grit bins are not provided where there is no routine gritting. Commercial premises are expected to make and pay for their own arrangements. It is recognised that residents may use grit to allow safe access to their property. This request will be added to the list and a grit bin deployed in October/November 2010.
George Murray Northern Constabulary had forwarded the results of four speed surveys carried out in the area. The results showed there were very few instances of speeding and those that occurred were only marginally above the speed limit.   Residents in Freswick were still concerned about speeding and wanted surveys carried out between 9.00 and 9.30 and at 13.30 particularly on Saturdays.                  
Action Secretary to pass on request
3. Treasurers Report
The balance at the end of September was £966.31 with only a few small bills to be paid.
4. Planning
Willie Mackay took no part in discussions around planning. 
Irene Hendrie on behalf of Mey Hall informed members that the committee had been working to install a wind turbine. A LEADER funding application had been approved in principle provided planning permission could be obtained by December. The LEADER funding would allow the installation to go ahead and the turbine would provide considerable income for the hall for the next twenty years. It was hoped planning permission could be obtained within the timescale. Members agreed to write a letter of support.
Action Chairman to write to planning
Members were pleased to see the planning application for the John O’ Groats development had been submitted.
5. Elections
The community council’s current term of office would end on 1st December 2010. Adverts would appear in the local press on Friday 8 October 2010 inviting nominations. Nomination forms would be available from Wick and Thurso service points. Eight members to be elected
The community council would benefit from co opting members something which it had not done to date. There were several active organisations that could be approached. It would be useful to have representation from youth groups, schools, day care and the renewables sector.
Action Secretary to contact football club, school parent councils, hall committees, day care etc
Members wished to acknowledge the help and support they had received from Highland Council during their term of office, particularly Alex Macmanus who attended meetings regularly and assisted with a wide range of issues.
Action Secretary to write to Ward Manger
The secretary would not be standing for election and was thanked for her hard work over the past four years.
6. Any other business
Freswick hall committee had to carry out repairs to the hall roof and needed funding to help with the cost. Willie Mackay suggested they apply to the Discretionary Fund.
7. Next Meeting
There would be no meeting of the community council while the election process was underway. The next meeting would be called when the new community council had been elected in December.







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