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Minutes of meeting held in Dunnet on 12th January 2011

John Green, Chair
Chris Hobson, Vice-Chair
Keith Muir, Secretary / Treasurer
Cllr Willie Mackay, Highland Council
Alex McManus, Highland Council
4 Members of Public
Barrogill Angus
Calum Angus
Graeme Angus
Mrs Swanson
Presentation by Graeme Angus         
Before the formal business of the meeting Graeme Angus was invited to address the meeting to speak in favour of the planning application for a wind turbine development at Barrogill Mains, KW14 8XH. Key points raised were: -
§         Their agent Ecodyn Ltd will be producing an environmental report which will address the concerns raised in the public about flicker and noise disturbing neighbours; impact on bird life; and environmental issues.
§         The initial application was incorrect in reporting the distance to the nearest habitation as the agent as working from old plans. This matter also will be addressed by the agent’s environmental report.
§         Castle of Mey and wider tourism impacts: The applicant informed the Community Council that the Castle of Mey Trust has no objection to the proposal and that any wider impact on the tourism industry from the cumulation of wind turbine developments in Caithness was a matter of opinion.
§         The farm business has developed a business plan to grow the business through diversification and provide employment for 2 new apprentices, which could be threatened if the income from the wind turbine development is not forthcoming.
§         The applicant requested that we pass on these comments to the planning authority and this was agreed nem con.
Community Council Business
1.      Apologies: Linda Bingham, Tom Sayles, Eric Green
2.      Minutes: John Green proposed adoption subject to correction of a typo; seconded by Chris Hobson, duly adopted.
3.      Matters Arising:
§         Core Paths: Chris Hobson reported that Jean Barnett will confirm that the Dunnet Forest Trust has the appropriate Public Liability insurance
§         Buses: The revised timetable for Stagecoach services has not yet appeared for consultation. Koreen MacDougall from the Caithness partnership is dealing with this matter. It was noted that the new arrangements proposed will include the ability to through-ticket from Kirkwall to Inverness. It was decided to invite a representative from Stagecoach to address the CC about the new timetable and other issues. Action: John Green to arrange.
4.      Community Development Plan. There was widespread discussion on how to better engage the public in the formation of a community development plan, and suggestions included involving the local Hall Committees and researching through the Caithness Voluntary other local groups who could be invited to take part.
5.      Treasurer’s report: The balance at the end of December stood at £794.19 with no major items outstanding
6.      AOB
§         Dunnet Hall Committee is concerned about the damage to the car park arising from the heavy lifting of the recycling bins. They have received quotes of £8000 to effect repairs. Cllr Willie Mackay suggested they apply to the council’s Discretionary Fund for assistance.
§         Snow clearing: although there were some minor issues the general view was that the Council was to be congratulated on coping well with the exceptionally severe weather conditions
§         Planning – no issue were raised
§         Mike Hawthorn the planning officer wants to make it known that in general applicants the planning officials are happy to discuss proposals ahead of formal submissions in order to expedite the process.
7. Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 February at 7.30 p.m. in the Mey Hall.
January 2011


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