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MINUTES : April 2011


1. Present

John Green (Chair)

Chris Hobson (Vice Chair)

Keith Muir (Secretary / Treasurer)

Eric Green

Tom Sayles

Linda Bingham

9 Members of the public

No apologies

Pre-business meeting: Stagecoach Buses Presentation

Vida Swanson (local manager) and Steve Walker (MD Stagecoach Highlands) gave a presentation on changes to their timetable affecting our community council area commencing on 24th April. The main changes are to accommodate the ferry services and the new timetables will ensure that every sailing will connect with the bus service.

The meeting felt that overall the changes were in fact an improvement to our service and were to be welcomed.


1. Minutes: proposed Eric Green, seconded Tom Sayles, duly adopted.

2.  Matters arising: Schools Review: Eric Green read aloud to the meeting the letter from Councillor Bill Fernie in response to the letter concerning the threat to Canisbay and Crossroads schools in the current review being carried out by Highland Council.

The response was not felt to be adequate and failed to address the concerns raised by the parents and communities in our area. It was resolved to contact our constituency MSP following the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections to arrange further action on this matter.

3. AOB

A resident of Auckengill raised a request that the weeds around the Auckengill Hall be sprayed. This will be followed up with the ward manager of Highland Council.

Nybster Broch road sign: this is now sited in the middle of a field gate, and it was agreed to bring this to the attention of the Council.

Pot Holes: South of Keiss, to be brought to attention of the council.

Countryside Ranger: Paul Castle introduced himself as the new Countryside Ranger for our area.

Next meeting: 11th May 2011.





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