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August 2011

Minutes of Meeting of Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council held in the Britannia Hall in Dunnet on Wdnesday 10th August 2011 at 7.30 p.m.

 1. Present: Chris Hobson, Vice-Chair; Keith Muir Sec/Treasurer; Eric Green; Linda Bingham. In the absence of John Green Chris Hobson took the Chair.

2. Apologies: John Green, Alex Macmanus (Highland Council Official)

3. Brough Bay Association: David Glass and Mick O'Connell of the BBA gave an excellent presentation on their project to renovate the pier and surrounding area reporting that the work is now virtually complete. They expressed their delight with the quality of workmanship carried out by their contractor, Billy Sinclair from Groats; and expressed their thanks to the Community Council for their support which they felt had assisted them in raising the funding.

The Community Council unanimously congratulated the BBA on their hard work in bringing this complex project to a successful conclusion and thanked them for an excellent presentation.

4. Treasurer's report: The bank account stood at £1,451.25 as at the end of June

5. Minutes of the June Meeting: proposed by Eric, seconded by Chris, duly adopted.

6. Matters arising

- Community Plan: greed to enlist the support of Koreen MacDougall from the Caithness Partnership in drawing up a community plan

- Bus Service: No update

- Waste bins: No progress

- Traffic Calming: Agreed to invite the police to attend a meeting to discuss traffic calming

7. AOCB:

- Village Officer : John Green has commissioned further grass cutting

A request has been received for help in sorting the fence on the public track down to the Nybster Brough. Agreed secretary to commission George Shearer to carry out the work; and also to clean the gutters at Canisbay Hall. Action: Secretary to commission George Shearer

- Road signage at Dunnet corner: problem with traffic for Dunnet Head missing the corner and heading straight up the road towards Mary Anns cottage, especially since the new house at the corner has put up a garden wall. Action: Sec to raise with Council

- Single Track Road - same route has problkems with drivers inexperienced in driving on single tracks; again sec to raise with Council.


8. Next Meeting: Canisbay Hall, Wed 14 September, 7.30 p.m.



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