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October 2011- Minutes

The Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council met in the Seaview Hotel on Wednesday 12th October at 7.30 p.m.


Prior to the formal business of the meeting, members were pleased to welcome Dan Pearson, CEO, and Ed Rollings, Consents and Planning Manager, of Meygen Ltd - the company that is developing a tidal energy project in the inner sound of the Pentland Firth.

The main purpose of the presentation was to introduce to the CC the plans for onshore infrastructure developments to support the tidal devices. The onshore works will fall into two parts: there will be a temporary installation of a drilling site - not unlike the Caithness Oil deployment at Lybster - which will drill out into the firth for the cables from the tidal devices to be brought ashore; and there will be a need for a permanent Power Conversion Centre to receive the "dirty" electricity from the devices for conversion to be fed into the Grid.

This will be a very large building - potentially 28m x 45m x 10m - and Meygen has already been in negotiation with the local planning authorities for advice about how to design the building to fit into the local landscape. Meygen is looking at two possible sites - either at Huna or at Quoys. Cables from the PCC to the substation will be underground, so once the works are complete only the buildings themselves will remain as features in the landscape.

Meygen are very keen to ensure that their planned development is sensitive to the needs of the local community, and will be holding another round of public meetings in November to explain their on-shore developments to the wider public. Details to follow.

 Main Business of the Meeting


1. Present:

John Green - Chair

Chris Hobson - Vice-Chair

Keith Muir - Secretary / Treasurer

Eric Green - Member

Linda Bingham - Member

Apologies - Tom Sayles


2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Since there was no quorum for the planned September meeting, the minutes of the August meeting were proposed by ERic Green, seconded by Chris Hobson and duly adopted.

3. Matters Arising

Village Officer Scheme. Members noted with satisfaction that a range of works has been carried out around the area under the scheme, which awarded our area £1200. It was resolved that any budget over-run on the agreed works be funded from the CC general account. Works completed include: - grass cutting at Dunnet, Freswick, Auckengill, Mey and Canisbay; cleaning of gutters on all the village halls in the area that needed it; repairs to the fence bordering the footpath at Auckengill shore; repairs to the kissing gates on the Duncansby Head footpath; repairs to the road to the shell beach at Point of Ness; and spreading stones on the footpath at the shore in John O' Groats.

 4. Co-Option of New Members. The procedure for co-option of new members was discussed.  Mrs Gail Inglis from Freswick has indicated an interest in the work of the Community Council. It was unanimously agreed to invite her to attend the next meeting.

5. Planning Matters - No contentious applications were noted

6. Treasurer's Report: The balance of funds in the account as at end of September stood at £1,162.25

7. Elections: It was noted that the new community council will take over with effect from 16th November 2011, so the scheduled meeting on 9th November will be the final meeting of the current membership.

8. AOCB - none raised

9. Next meeting: Wednesday 9th November 2011, 7.30 p.m., Skirza Hall.




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