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February 2012

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council

Wednesday 8th February 2012

Auckengill Hall


John Green, Chair

Keith Muir Secretary / Treasurer

Eric Green

Bill Mowat

Steven MacGregor

8 Members of the Public

Apologies were received from Linda Bingham and from Chris Hobson.

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed Steven MacGregor to the Community Council. Steven will be a very welcome to the membership, especially with his links with the youth of the community.

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting: proposed by Eric Green, seconded by Keith Muir, duly adopted.

Members of the public commented that minutes had not been made available to members of the public prior to the meeting. John Green explained that the minutes of all meetings were held on the website. It was agreed that in future a copy of the minutes should be posted to the Shop in Auckengill where members without access to the internet can see them. ACTION - Secretary to post hard copies of draft minutes to Auckengill shop.

2. Matters Arising

Dunnet Beach Clean: The beach clean had been completed successfully and the Community Council supported the event with payment for refreshments for the volunteers.

Royal Jubilee Bonfire: Bill Mowat reported that he had spoken to the developers of the John O' Groats site who had agreed to supply wood for a bonfire to mark the Queen's jubilee. There was discussion around the issue of licensing for bonfires. John Green agreed to investigate the requirements and report back in due course.

3. Treasurer's Report: The treasurer reported that the Community Council bank account balance stood at £1,059.99 as at the end of January 2012.

4. Highland Council lease of land at John O' Groats. John Green read out a letter sent to the Highland Council on this matter and reported that no response had been received.

John Green reported that Highland Council had issued instructions that staff were no longer to attend Community Council meetings. Given that attendance by Highland Council members has been very irregular it was felt that the key role of the Community Council to act as a bridge between the community and the Highland Council is no longer working as effectively as it should.

5. Planning matters - nothing contentious to be discussed.

6. AOB

Speeding: Members of the public raised the issue of speeding through the village of Auckengill. When this was raised in the past the police had carried out a survey of traffic speed but the general view represented to the meeting was that the survey was carried out in the wrong place at the wrong time of year. The Community Council agreed to write again to the police and to the Highland Council to ask them to revisit the possibility of trying to reduce traffic speed through the village.

Auckengill Hall weeds: members of the public requested assistance with applying weed killer to the weeds around the village hall. It was agreed that if the CC again received funds under the Village Officer scheme this work would be instructed. Mrs Christine Robertson agreed to supervise the work on behalf of the community and gave consent for her name to be mentioned in the minutes for publication.

Stroupster Wind Farm: it was agreed to invite a representative of RWE Npower to attend a meeting of the Community Council to update the community on progress on the site.

7. Next Meeting: 7.30 p.m. 14th March 2012 Britannia Hall Dunnet

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