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September 2007

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in the Castle Arms Hotel, Mey on Wednesday 12 September 2007 at 7.30pm.
Members Present                                              
John Green – Chair                                                              
Chris Hobson - Vice Chair                                        
Keith Muir - Treasurer                                                                   
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                                        
Wullie Sinclair
Eric Green
Alastair Foggo
Jean Barnett   
Mick Barnett
Public Present                                                                    
8 Members of the public attended


1          Minutes of the last meeting:   Proposed Keith Muir
                                          Seconded Chris Hobson
2          Matters arising from the minutes
·         The roads department had confirmed that the 30mph speed limit would be extended on the east side of Canisbay along the road towards Seater
·         HITRANS was looking to secure funding to improve the bus routes from Caithness to Inverness and from Wick to Thurso via Halkirk
·         Stewart Stevenson MSP Minister for Transport would be visiting Caithness to see at first hand the transport improvements recommended by the Caithness Transport Forum
3          Stroupster Wind Farm Survey
       The Electoral Reform Society had given an estimate of £1,500 for conducting the survey. David Sutherland Ward Manager had confirmed it could alternatively be done by Highland Council. Gordon Mooney had indicated the     application was likely to come before the North Area Planning Committee in  November. A public meeting would be held on 3rd October 2007 in Auckengill Hall giving the community a chance to hear both sides of the debate. Stuart Young agreed to speak against the proposal. Several members of the public asked the community council to take a view on the Durran and Spittal Hill wind farms. Written requests were circulated to the members. After much  discussion the members agreed to stand by their original decision to take a view only on developments which were within the Dunnet and Canisbay boundary.
Action: John Green to contact ERS re timescales
                          Keith Muir to arrange publicity
                          Secretary to invite press, planning and npower                         Renewables representative           
4          Affordable Housing
       John Green and Chris Hobson would meet with Ronnie Macrae of the Highland Small Communities Housing Trust to discuss the recent housing survey and the best way forward.
        Action: John Green to contact Ronnie Macrae
5          Dunnet Beach Cleaning
       Mary Legg Senior Countryside Ranger had requested support from the community council in obtaining funding for the regular cleaning of Dunnet  Beach. This would be followed up at our next meeting.
6          Core Paths Plan
       Drawings showing the proposed Core Path Plan for our area were circulated. 
   Action: Chris Hobson to submit comments on the draft plan
7          AOB
·         Chris Hobson had been approached regarding a planning application in the Brough area. The query was regarding planning procedure and the legality of the application. It as agreed this was not an issue for the community council.
·         HIE Caithness and Sutherland would consider possible funding for a caretaker for the area around the John O’ Groats shops, pottery, tourist information building etc.
                  Action: Secretary to write to HIE Caithness & Sutherland
8          Next Meeting
       Spindrift, Dunnet caravan park, Wednesday 17 October 2007 at 7.30
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