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May 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council held in Canisbay Hall on 9th May 2012.

Present: John Green (Chair) Chris Hobson (Vice-Chair) Keith Muir (Secretary / Treasurer) Steven MacGregor

Apologies: Bill Mowat and Eric Green

Invited Guests: from RWE N-Power Renewables, developers of Stroupster Wind Farm:

Sarah Cane: Project Implementation Manager
Neil McMahon: Onshore Project Manager
John Craig: Prospecting Manager

10 members of the public

Apologies : Bill Mowat  Eric Green

Stroupster Wind Farm

Before the formal business of the meeting our guests were invited to give a presentation about their plans for the Stroupster Wind Farm. They explained that although they are keen to press ahead with the development as quickly as possible, the time frame for the development was dependent on the availability of a Grid connection to take the power away.

The principle areas of concern raised by members of the public were around the noise both during construction and subsequent operation of the site, and a plea was made for the quietest possible turbines to be installed in such a sensitive area; disruption to traffic as the turbines are transported to the site - it was explained that they will have to be taken from Wick through to Thurso and back via John O' Groats. The issue of community benefit was also discussed and the developers explained that they are still considering whether to sign up to the Highland Council scheme.

John Green thanked our guests for taking the trouble to come up to the meeting.

Minutes: minutes of April meeting proposed John Green seconded Chris Hobson duly approved.

Matters Arising:

Lease of Highland Council land at John O' Groats - no progress in resolving public concerns over access, parking etc - secretary instructed to raise the matter again with our elected Highland Councillors

Meygen: No landowner agreements are in place yet for the land-based developments planned for either Huna or Gills.

Earl's Cairn Wind Farm - scoping report details are available on the Highland Council website.

Chairman's report: Olympic Torch: A meeting has been arranged for 16th May in the Seaview Hotel, John O' Groats, with Collette Stewart from Natural Retreats to discuss the Olympic Torch events at John O' Groats on 10th June.

Canisbay School - proposed Clustering Arrangements. It was reported that Highland Council officials are proposing to set up Canisbay School in a clustering arrangement with Castletown. The parents in Canisbay appear to be resolutely against this arrangement which appears to be contrary to Highland Council's own policy on clustering. The secretary was asked to bring this matter to the attention of our elected Highland Councillors.


Seaforth, Dunnet planning matters - Chris Hobson was delegated to look further into this matter.

AGM - The secretary reported that the AGM needs to be held before the end of June and it was agreed to hold it before our next business meeting on Wednesday 13th June in Seaview Hotel John O' Groats.







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