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Meeting of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Councio in Canisbay Hall on Wednesday 10th Octber 2012


John Green (Chair) Keith Muir (Secretary/Treasurer) Bill Mowat

7 Members of the Public


The meeting opened with a presentation from Meygen, the developers of the tidal power scheme in the inner Pentland Firth.

Dan Pearson, CEO, and Ed Rollings, Planning and Consents manager, gave the public meeting a presentation on progress with their plans, with a particular emphasis on the on-shore developments.

Most of the questions raised by members of the public are addressed in the Q&A document available on their own website and also reproduced here:


Following the presentation, John Green thanked Dan and Ed for making the journey all the way to Caithness to update the public and apologised for the relatively poor turn-out, stating that since it was the school holidays many people were away. Dan Pearson reiterated the company's commitment to full consultation with the community and made it clear that should any outstanding matters of concern be raised he would be more than happy to answer them either through the community council or indeed direct.

Normal Business

Apologies: Chris Hobson, Steven MacGregor and Eric Green

The meeting not being quorate, an informal discussion only was held and there being nothing urgent, agenda items were re-scheduled for the November meeting.



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