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May 2013

Present: John Green (Chair) Chris Hobson (Vice-chair) Keith Muir (Secretary/Treasurer) Bill Mowat (member)

Apologies: Eric Green

Stuart Black, Director of Planning and Development, Highland Council, accompanied by supporting officials

Highland Councillors: Willie Mackay, Alex Mcleod and Gillian Coghill.

35 Members of the public.

The usual monthly meeting of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council was replaced by a public meeting in the Dunnet Hall arranged at the request of Stuart Black, Highland Council Director of Planning and Development,  to discuss the proposal by Highland Council to upgrade access to Dunnet Head viewpoint and Dunnet Beach and to create public art sculptures at each location.

Stuart Black gave a presentation explaining the background to the proposals and the results of their consultation process, and the meeting was thrown open to questions.

The meeting was asked to focus on future options, and it was clear that the majority of those present favoured the proposal to provide all-ability access at both Dunnet Head and at Dunnet Beach, but to drop the sculpture at Dunnet Head and reconsider the public art element of the Dunnet Beach proposals.

It was agreed that Stuart Black and his officials would take advisement of the feedback from the meeting, and prepare a  clear proposal to bring back to another meeting in Dunnet Hall, again to be facilitated by the Community Council. If these revised proposals are met with general approval, they will be referred back to the members of the Highland Council for a decision to be made.

John Green thanked Stuart Black and his team for making the journey up to Caithness and their time and trouble in attending the meeting.

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