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June 2013

Minutes of Meeting of Dunnet & Canisbay Community County
Held on the 26th June 2013 at 7.30 p.m. in Lyth Village, Hall, Lyth.
1. Present:  John Green (Chair) Chris Hobson (Vice-Chair) Keith Muir (Treasurer)   Bill Mowat (Member)
     15 Members of the Community
2. Apologies: Eric Green
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting.
1. Keith Muir proposed that the Minutes of the previous meeting held in May, in Dunnet Village Hall be accepted, which was seconded by John Green. 
4. Matters Arising.
1. John Green reported that regarding the Artworks and Access improvements in Dunnet, Councillor Alex. McLeod had asked the officials to go ahead with the access improvements regardless of the artworks.
5. Treasurer’s Report.
1. Keith Muir reported the current balance stood at £2,786.97
2. John Green pointed out that this money was available for use by the community.
6. Proposed Lyth Wind Farm.
1. John Green informed all those present that any points raised as this meeting regarding the proposed wind farm would be noted and added to the comments page on the application form for the Lyth Wind Farm.
2. After a long discussion on the proposed wind farm which the majority of the public who attended were against,  the following points were noted:-
1. Taking into consideration the width of the road and the size of the turbines, concern was noted regarding the effect on the country road leading to the location of the windfarm. This issue of abnormal loads transporting the turbines does not appear to be dealt with in sufficient detail in the Design & Access Statement.  Ref: Chapt.11. Vol.2.Para. 1.3.10
2. Concern was noted regarding the impact of the turbines on Tourism, which is not taken into consideration in the early stages of planning. There are Scoping Studies for the effect of turbines on birds and environment, for example.  A Scoping study on the effect of tourism must also be included. 
3. Concern was noted that there was no consideration regarding the effect of the windfarm on the devaluation of property in this area.
4. Concern was noted on the number of proposed windfarms in this small area.  Does the Highland Council have a limit on the number of windfarms it will consider within one area?
7. Any other business
1. Agenda on the website. It was requested from the floor that an Agenda for the
meetings to be put onto the website. Keith Muir agreed he would attend to this matter.
2. The Broch & harbour sign at Aukengill.  It was pointed out that this sign would
appear to be falling over and in need of repair which Chris Hobson agreed to look into
3. New Members.
1.  Keith Muir proposed that Anne Shearer be co-opted as a Member of the    Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council which was seconded by John Green.
2. John Green proposed Barbara Hiddleston as Minutes Secretary, which was seconded by Keith Muir. 
8. Date of Next Meeting.  To be arranged.

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