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Minutes Feb 2014

Minutes of Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council

Held in Britannia Village Hall Dunnet

Wednesday 12th February 2014 at 7.30 p.m.

Those Present:           John Green, Chairman

                                    Christopher Hobson, Vice-Chairman

                                    Bill Mowat, Member

                                    Ann Shearer, Member

                                    Eric Green, Member

                                    Barbara Hiddleston, Member, Secretary

No doubt due to the adverse weather conditions, there were no members of the public in attendance

Apologies:  Apologies were received from Eric Green
Minutes of Previous Meeting:

2.1.      Bill Mowat pointed out that in Item 4.2.1. it should Stroupster not Broubster.  Once this was noted the Chairman proposed the Minutes be adopted which was seconded by  Bill Mowat.

      Matters Arising.

Proposed Planning Application for the Erection of a Pharmacy in Castletown for Castletown and Canisbay .
The Secretary reported  on the meeting held at the Castletown Surgery on 22nd January  which was called as a result of Mr. Majhu’s putting in an application for a Pharmacy in Castletown.  This was between the Doctors, some staff of the Castletown & Canisbay Surgeries and representative Community Councillors of Castletown and Dunnet & Canisbay. 

From the discussion that ensued it was learnt that a website was available, on which anyone can register their protest:- www.saveoursurgery.co,uk

Also it was agreed that to encourage the 2nd round of letters of protest to Helen MacDonald, NHS, Brenda Herrick of Castletown CC would organise a letter to be sent to all the patients of both Community Councils which would provide simple guidelines of what to write.  The closing date was 6th March 2014.  
A letter of protest has been sent to Helen MacDonald by the Chairman of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council on behalf of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community, which had been e-mailed to the Members. 
The Chairman signed the letter to the Practice Manager regarding  Item 2.2.3 & 2.2.6 at the previous meeting, which the Secretary agreed to post.  A copy will be sent to the Members.

3.2.      John O’Groats & Canisbay Christmas Lights

The Chairman reported the electricity bill had been paid.

3.3.      John O’Groats Hall 1914-1918 War Memorial

The Chairman agreed he would organise for the Memorial to be taken to Hoods, Wick, and he would ask Derry Ross if he would make a frame.                                  
Bill Mowat had been in touch with one of the descendants of soldier who had died in action. The Secretary and vice-chairman agreed to carry out some research on the others who had died in action.                                                             

3.4.      Corsback War Memorial

The vice-Chairman agreed to contact David Bremner regarding the condition of the memorial which was in the Corsback Cemetery as some the names of the soldiers were becoming illegible. The Secretary agreed to look at the memorial for Canisbay.

New Common Grazings Register.

The Secretary reported that on speaking to a member of the team of the New Common Grazing Register Project, at the Crofter’s Commission, requesting a representative to give a talk at a future meeting, to be told they did not have the resources, but that the Register Scotland may be able to.   It was agreed further investigations should be made.

Treasurer’s Report

The Chairman reported balance was £3,206.593p
A bill for £10 was produced for the Mey Village Hall, which he agreed to organise to pay.
Christopher Hobson agreed that he would arrange with the bank to change the name of the Treasurer.                                                                                              


       The Chairman reported he had a been sent a letter from the Traill Hall Trust, Castletown.

     They were requesting a letter of support which after discussion we agreed to give.

5.2.1    He handed round a letter from Spittal Windfarm Opposition Group asking for us to write an   objection to the Highland Council regarding the proposed Spittal Windfarm II.

5.2.2.   He pointed out that the Secretary would write them a letter explaining that as a Community Council our policy was not to encroach upon other Community Councils. But members of our Community can object in their own right.                                 

The Chairman then referred to an e-mail he had received from Rachel Searle-Mbullu of Foundation Scotland, a charity which deals in distributing monies obtained from the windfarm community benefits on behalf of a community, in particular to deal with the money from the Stroupster Wind Farm.  The e-mail was proposing dates for a meeting.
It was agreed that the Secretary would e-mail her putting forward the evening of Friday 7th March, and keep the Members informed. 

5.4.      Planning List

The S.S.E electricity line over Tigh-na-Muir, Dunnet, was noted as was the one application in Scarfskerry.

   Any other Business

Christopher Hobson reported that the sides of road towards Dwarwick Pier, Dunnet had started to sink in at the side, and the culvert was beginning to collapse. Also a large crack had appeared at the top of this road all which belong to the Council.  The Chairman advised him to get in touch with Alex McManus, the Ward Manager in the first instance.         

6.         Date of Next Meeting

6.1.      The next meeting would be held in Canisbay Hall on 19th March 2014 at 7.30 p.m.









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