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Minutes March 2014

Minutes of Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council

Held Canisbay Village Hall Dunnet on

Wednesday 18th March 2014 at 7.30 p.m.

Those Present:           Christopher Hobson, Vice-Chairman

                                 Bill Mowat, Member

                                 Eric Green, Member

                                Barbara Hiddleston,  Secretary

David Bremner, Highland Councillor

Acting Sgt. Laura Murray, Police Scotland                           

The Chairman welcomed Acting Sergeant  Laura Murray.

Apologies were received from John Green and Ann Shearer.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

2.1.      There being no corrections Bill Mowat proposed the Minutes be accepted, which was seconded by Eric Green.

Matters Arising.

Proposed Planning Application for the Erection of a Pharmacy in Castletown.

As yet there was no word on to the outcome of this application as the date of the final decision is 26th March 2014.

The Secretary reported she had received a cheque for £97.84 from the Chairman to cover the share of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council’s (D & C.C.C) postal costs, which had been duly paid.

3.2.      Letter to Practice Manager, Castletown & Canisbay Group Practice.

It was felt that the response did not fully answer the question, but it was agreed to leave this matter until the pharmacy question had been resolved.

3.3.      John O’Groats Hall 1914-1918 War Memorial

David Bremner reported that there was money available from the Highland Council to cover the costs of repair to war memorials.

Following discussion it was agreed that he would send the relevant forms to Eric Green for processing.

3.3.1    Research was ongoing on the soldiers who died in action.                                                  

New Common Grazings Register.

Christopher Hobson agreed to take this further

Chairman’s/Secretary’s Report. Correspondence

3.1.1    The letter of support for Traill Hall was in hand.

3.1.2    A letter, report and posters for distribution had been received from S.S.E with information regarding an exhibition on the Gills Bay Transmission Link. This is to be held on Wed. 2nd April at Caithness Horizons, and Thursday 3rd April, in Mey Village Hall from 3 – 7 p.m.         

There was a notification regarding Community Councillor Training to take place on Thursday 24th April 2014 in the Pentland Hotel, Thurso from 5.15 to 7.30 p.m. Those wishing to attend to notify alex.macmanus@highland.gov.uk before 16th April.

A Letter and Poster received from the NHS Violence Against Women Partnership for distribution.

Poster for distribution from NHS & Highland Council notifying a meeting of the Caithness District Partnership on Friday 28th March 2014 in the Conference Room, General Hospital Wick. 10 – 12 noon.

Notification of the Highland Council’s draft Green Transport Strategy been approved for consultation responses welcome before 30th April.

Available on  www.highland.gov.uk/GreenTransport Strategy.

3.1.7    Notice from HC Head of Planning and Building Standards of the Appeal of the Lyth Windfarm which was noted.

Treasurer’s Report

The Vice-Chairman reported balance was £3111.75p

He also reported that it had been agreed at a Meeting the 19th March, 2014 the Chairman had proposed that the signatures on the cheques should changed to that of the Secretary and the Treasurer which had been seconded by Eric Green. This was in hand.

Planning  - Lists

These were noted.

Community Benefit – Stroupster Wind Farm.

Eric Green reported that the D & C CC members had had a meeting with Rachel Searle-Mbullu, Head of Investment of Community Investment, Foundation Scotland on 19th March 2014 regarding the Community Benefit from Stroupster Wind Farm at the instigation of the BayWa, the owners.

Foundation Scotland acts in an advisory role to provide administrative and management services on how best to use this money at no cost to the Community. There is no pressure for the Community Council to use Foundation Scotland, but if they did, a Memorandum of Understanding would be drawn up between the two parties laying out the rules with the overlying understanding that Foundation Scotland would always take the Community Development approach. They would administer and manage the grants decided upon, but would not interfere with the decision making of granting applications.  This would be the prerogative of the Community Council 

The money available amounted to £150,000 per year for the next 25 years, which will be available some time next year once electricity is produced from the Wind farm. 

Eric Green proposed that we accept the offer, which was seconded by Bill Mowat.

It was agreed that the next move would be to have a meeting with Rachel regarding the  proposed Memorandum, and after four months of consultation have two public meetings in the area for the Community to air their views on how they would like the money to be spent. Whatever is decided has to be in agreement with the Funders. 


Acting Sergeant Laura Murray gave her report on this area saying that all had been very quiet.

Date of Next Meeting.

8.1.      Next meeting is to be held in St. Clare Hall, Auckengill on Wednesday 9th April 2014 at 7.30 p.m.









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