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Minutes August 2014

Minutes of Meeting of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council held in Canisbay Village Hall on Wednesday 27th August 2014

Those Present:          John Green, Chairman

                                    Christopher Hobson, Treasurer

                                    Bill Mowat, Member

                                    Barbara Hiddleston, Secretary

                                    Willie MacKay, Highland Councillor

Apologies:     Apologies were received from Ann Shearer and Eric Green

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

1.1.      There being no corrections Bill Mowat proposed the Minutes held on 11th June 2014 be accepted, which was seconded by John Green

2.         Matters Arising.

2.1.      Proposed closing of Polling Stations: Britannia Hall, Dunnet & Canisbay Hall, Canisbay.

2.1.1    Councillor MacKay will be making full representation on the matter of the closure of the Polling Stations to the full Council Meeting in October.

2.1.2.   John brought to the attention of the Chairman, Henry Gunn, about the lights and heaters, which he agreed to report this information to his Committee

2.2.      Christmas Lights – application for funding. This was ongoing Action John

2.3.      Proposed tidying up outside the Canisbay Doctor’s Surgery area.              

2.3.1    An onsite visit had been paid to the area in question prior to the meeting, and after much discussion regarding costs, Barbara Hiddleston proposed that instead of having the area tarmacked as previously agreed, the original plan should be followed. This would entail scraping the area then cover with hard-core.  This was seconded by the Chairman, who agreed to contact the Contractor                       Action John 

2.3.2    In the meantime, it was agreed that Councillor MacKay would make enquiries to see if he could get a quote from the Highland Council for tarmacking.  The Chairman agreed to get a quote from a local firm.                                  Action John

2.4.      Access improvement work at Dunnet Head and Dunnet Bay.

2.4.1.   In spite of making every efforts to contact those in charge of this project, Councillor MacKay reported that he still had no reply from the Highland Council.  He was hoping to make contact the next day.

2.4.2    He also reported he had received complaints about the dangerous entrance to Dunnet Bay at the Caravan Park site.

2.4.3.   After discussion it was unanimously agreed the he would approach the Road Safety Officer regarding this matter.

2.5.      Canisbay Church Gate.

2.5.1    Councillor MacKay reported he had a reply from Community Services TECS regarding the renewal of the Church gate, only to be told that whilst they maintain the cemetery ground around Canisbay Church, they have no responsibility for the Church and its boundary walls which includes the gate.  However, they were responsible for the walls and gates in the new extension.

2.5.2.   Following discussion, it was agreed that Councillor MacKay should continue to pursue this matter, and that if required we would be willing to contribute towards the cost.

2.6.    Sign for Dwarwick Pier. This was in hand.

2.7.      Proposed New Highland Council Boundaries. This matter is still under discussion.

2.8.      Dunnet Children’s Playpark

2.8.1    The Chairman reported that he had after making a formal complaint received an email from the Community Services TECS apologising for the delay in response, and to confirm that the broken children’s apparatus had been repaired.  

2.8.2    He agreed to pass on a copy of the email to Patreen Harris, the Chair of the Dunnet Playpark Committee.                                                            Action John

2.8.3.   The Chairman also reported that further requests would be made to for more repairs in the playpark.   

3.         Chairman’s Report.

3.5.      The Chairman passed round a letter from Eurowind, which was noted.     

3.6.      Stroupster Windfarm Community Benefit.

3.6.1.   A letter from Foundation Scotland had been circulated asking for a suitable date for a meeting to look at moving forward with the organisation of dealing with the community benefit monies, which the Secretary agreed to organise.                 Action Barbara

3.6.2   It was acknowledged that it was time to organise a public meeting within the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council area to inform them of the monies that will be available that a Committee to distribute it be formed.

3.6.3.   After discussion it was generally agreed that to begin with that a list of the community groups should be drawn up which the Secretary and Chairman would attend to.

                                                                                                            Action John & Barbara

3.7.      Letter from Caithness Chamber of Commerce

3.7.1.   The letter from Caithness Chamber of Commerce, which had been circulated earlier, was then under discussion.

3.7.2.   In this the Members were asked to consider contributing from the Stroupster Windfarm Community Benefit to their Caithness Business Fund, which was their source of finance to support business and training within the County. Also we were asked to consider employing the Caithness Chamber of Commerce to manage these funds.

3.7.3.   It was generally agreed that a decision would not be made regarding this matter until the meeting had been held with Foundation Scotland.

3.8.      MeyGen Ltd. update.

3.8.1    The Chairman circulated pictures of the amended design for the 3 power conversion Unit Buildings at the Ness of Quoys.

3.8.2. This instigated a debate on the venture from which it was noted that the Members had concern that there was no information on benefits from the project for the North East of the County. It was pointed out that there was no public representatives who could liaise with MeyGen Ltd.

3.8.3    As a result, it was agreed that the Chairman would contact the press to raise this issue.

                                                                                                                        Action John

4.         Treasurer’s Report

4.1.      The Treasurer reported the balance stood at £3312.82p which included the annual Community Council Grant. The only outstanding invoice was the payment for hiring John O’Groats Hall.

4.2.      He also raised the issue of remuneration for administration of the Minutes and the monies which will be carried forward for discussion at the next meeting.

5.         Planning.

5.1      Natural Retreats Report:   Change of location of the turning circle at John O’Groats.

            The Chairman reported that the previous plan proposed to re-locate the turning circle had been scrapped due to public opposition and was helped by the intervention of the MSP Mike McKenzie.    A new plan will be drawn up by next month followed by a public consultation. Once an agreement has been reached, application for planning permission would follow to be considered at November’s meeting of the Northern Area Planning Committee.

5.2.      Planning Lists. These were noted.

6.        A.O.B.There being no other business, the Chairman called the meeting to a close.

7.         Date of Next Meeting.

            The next meeting will be held on the Wednesday 24th September in Britannia Hall, Dunnet, at 7.30 p.m.


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