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Minutes 15 September 2014

Minutes of Meeting of between Members of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council and Foundation Scotland.

Held at Seaview Hotel, John O’Groats on Monday 15th September 2014 At 9.30 a.m.

Those Present: John Green, Chairman

Christopher Hobson, Treaurer

Ann Shearer, Member

Bill Mowat, Member

Barbara Hiddleston, Secretary

Rachel Searle Mbullu, Foundation Scotland

Eilidh Gunn, Foundation Scotland

Apologies: Eric Green

This Meeting was held between the members of Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council and Foundation Scotland to establish the next step in the setting up of the distribution of the Community Benefit Funding from the Stroupster Windfarm owned by BayWa r.e. Energy Co.

1. Rachel began the meeting by introducing Eilidh Gunn who would be working closely with this Community Council. invited to she agreed to attend a Community Council Meeting when required.

2.1. Memorandum of Understanding. Rachel then circulated the draft Memorandum of Understanding between Foundation Scotland and Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council for discussion and approval.

2.2. At the end of the meeting taking into consideration the changes decided during the meeting, it was agreed between both parties that the Community Council Members would take the document home for perusal, and it would be proposed for acceptance at our next meeting to be held on Wednesday 24th September 2014, in Britannia Hall, Dunnet at 7.30 p.m

Action Barbara, Chris, John, Bill & Ann

2.3. John agreed to have the progress of this meeting put on the D. & C.C.C Website. Action John

2.2.1 Area of Community Benefit Funding. Rachel pointed out that BayWa r.e. had expressed a wish that they would like to see the Community Benefit Funding going wider than the boundaries of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council area.

2.2.2 After much deliberation, John Green proposed that only the area of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council area should benefit from the funding for the time being, with the proviso that this would be reviewed after 5 years and reconsideration of the area being widened. This was seconded by Barbara Hiddleston. It was also agreed by Rachel Searle Mbullu on behalf of Foundation Scotland, and this decision would be incorporated into the Memorandum of Understanding.

2.3. Community Panel.

2.3.1. The next step was to form a Community Panel. They would work in association with Foundation Scotland on the distribution of the monies. Foundation Scotland would hold the Benefit Money on the behalf of the Community Panel and Rachel reassured those present they will act in an advisory role, with the Panel having the final decision. Also any cost in setting up the Panel would not be taken out of the Community Benefit Fund.

2.3.2. Much discussion then ensued. The outcome was that in order to find interested members for the Panel, it was agreed by the Community Council Members to hold a public meeting and include the representatives of all the local groups. Rachel agreed to attend this meeting to explain the purpose and organisation of the Community Fund. The Meeting would be held at the end of October, the exact date is to be decided, depending on her availability and would keep us informed. After this meeting, an advert would be placed within the community for those interested to apply.

Action Rachel

2.3.3. To ensure all the clubs and committees would be included in the invitation, Barbara Hiddleston and Christopher Hobson agreed to draw up a list of those in the Dunnet area and its environs, including Mey. John Green, Bill Mowat and Ann Shearer agreed to cover the John O’Groats and Canisbay area. Action Barbara, Chris, John, Bill & Ann

2.3.4. Once the list was drawn up, a letter of invitation would be sent to them, which Rachel agreed to compose. Action Rachel

2.4. Community & Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

2.4.1 Rachel explained that it was necessary to carry out a consultation within the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council area to ascertain what the local community would like to do with the Benefit. This would result in a written report which would provide guidance for the Community Panel.

2.4.2. CARES provide funding of some £10,000 for this to be carried out. It is a Government Scheme, with whom Foundation Scotland has built up a relationship.

2.4.3. After much discussion, John Green proposed that Rachel go ahead with the application for this funding, which was seconded by Bill Mowat. Rachel also explained that CARES require the name of 3 Companies who could carry out this consultation, and would only chose a company with whom the Community Council and the Panel were happy to work. Those present nominated Caithness Voluntary Group, and Rachel would put forward two others. John Green pointed out that the Thurso Chamber of Commerce had also shown an interest in administrating the funds.

2.5. Rachel expressed a wish that the Community Panel would be set in place by Christmas. In the meantime it was agreed to take one step at a time.

2.6. There being no other business, the meeting was called to a close.

3. Date of Next Meeting.

3.1. Date of next Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council meeting is to be held on Wednesday 24th September 2014, in Britannia Hall, Dunnet at 7.30 p.m.








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