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November 2007

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in the Seaview Hotel, John O’ Groats on Wednesday 14 November 2007 at 7.30pm.
John Green – Chair                                                    
Chris Hobson – Vice Chair                            
Keith Muir - Treasurer
Irene Hendrie - Secretary                                           
Eric Green
Robert Coghill – Landward Cllr
David Sutherland – Ward Manager
Alex Macmanus – Ass’t Ward Manager
George Murray
Wullie Sinclair
  1. Minutes of the last meeting were circulated
  1. Matters arising form the minutes
    • Georgeson Solicitors confirmed Keiss and Freswick estate was not for sale
    • John O’ Groats exchange would be upgraded for broadband by the end of the financial year 31 March 2008
    • Post Office closures in the Highlands would be announced on              8 January 2008 with a six week consultation period
  1. Dunnet beach clean
      A quotation had been received from GMR Henderson. The UKAEA would be         asked to fund the cost of two beach cleans in 2008 with funding from the community council being paid to voluntary groups who could undertake regular small clean ups.
      Action: Secretary to contact Castletown cc and make joint request to the UKAEA
  1. Rural transport
      Coreen Campbell was unable to attend. John Green confirmed a survey  would be undertaken with the help of Caithness Partnership to determine     transport needs in the area.
  1. Community council action plan
      Local voluntary groups would be asked for their views on what might be     included in an action plan. There would also be an article in the press asking         individuals to highlight priorities.
      Action: Secretary to write to voluntary groups in January
      Keith Muir to arrange press article in January
  1. Planning
      The Planning and Development Service would hold a meeting in Ross       Institute Halkirk on Wednesday 21 November 2007 to highlight the significant           changes to the planning process. 
            Action: Members to let secretary know by 19 November if they  wish to attend
  1. Stroupster wind farm development
      Ballot results 801 papers returned, 63.2% participation, 38.7% voted in favour        61.3% voted against the wind farm development. A letter would be sent to           Gordon Mooney stressing the community’s clear views against the            development detailing the ballot outcome and the rigorous debate that        preceded it.    
      Action: Secretary to write to Gordon Mooney, Principal Planner, Highland Council
  1. John O’ Groats play equipment
      The old roundabout had been removed and it was not known if the smaller             one put in its place was a temporary or permanent replacement. 
      Action: Ward managers team to clarify the situation
  1. Planning gain
      David Sutherland explained that the community council could approach      planning to request planning gain from any housing developments in the area.
      Action: Secretary to contact planning
  1. Canisbay school
      Robert Coghill confirmed that interviews would take place on 7December 2007 for the post of head teacher. The post would allow for 1.5 days            management time instead of 2.5 days as had been the case during cluster       management. Eric Green said the parent council had been unable to get any        satisfactory response from Graeme Nichols when they queried this reduction          which they felt could have an adverse affect on the running of the school and    would be off putting to any prospective new head. 
      Action: Secretary to write to Bill Fernie
  1. Funding
      Funding Alert 50, listing various funding sources, would be circulated to      members. David Sutherland outlined Youth Action Grants, which are  available to projects that target children over the age of 11, who would not             otherwise have been involved in the activity. Equipment, transport or events           would qualify.      Applications should be made before March 2008
      Action: David Sutherland to email details to the secretary
  1. Mey housing development
      The community council was asked to suggest names for the new  development in Mey.
      Action: Secretary to ask Crossroads school children for their suggestions
  1. Next meeting
      The next meeting would be the AGM on Wednesday 16 January 2008 in     Canisbay hall at 7.30pm. 
The February meeting would be held in Freswick Hall.
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