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July 2007

Minutes of 8th Meeting of Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council held in Canisbay Hall on Wednesday 11th July at 7.20 p.m.
John Green (Chair)
Chris Hobson (Vice-Chair)
Keith Muir (Treasurer)
Eric Green (Member)
In Attendance
Cllr Robert Coghill (Highland Council)
1 Member of Public
  1. Aplogies: Irene Hendrie
                       Willie Sinclair
                        Sgt George Murray
  1. Minutes of 7th Meeting in Auckengill: Proposed   Chris Hobson; Seconded Eric Green, duly adopted.
  1. Matters Arising
·        Broadband in John O’ Groats Exchange Area: Letter from John Thurso M.P confirming that BT has approved JOG Exchange for a full upgrade to ADSL and an announcement of the date of the upgrade is expected shortly.
·        Viking Centre in Auckengill: Delays had been encountered with the contractor, and in the interim costs have risen partly due to cost inflation and partly due to the addition of extras. Finance for the revised project now in place and project ready to proceed; supervision of project will be by Highland Council due to increased costs.
·        Grass Cutting: Discussion revealed a widely different experience throughout the area in the standard of work being carried out, and Cllr Robert Coghill agreed to raise the matter with Council officials
o       Action: Cllr Robert Coghill
·        Road west of Auckengill Village: No progress to report
  1.  Stroupster Windfarm and Postal Survey
    • John Green still awaiting details from Electoral Reform Services.
    • It was noted that the Highland Council managed the recent survey for the Watten area and it was agreed that John Green should approach David Sutherland the Ward manager for HC to obtain further details.
    • After some discussion it was agreed that the Voter’s Roll was the only viable basis for the postal ballot rather than trying to include younger people
    • It was agreed that the Community Council should hold a public meeting prior to the postal survey to allow both sides equally to air their views and help to stimulate and inform the public debate.
    • It was agreed that John Green should contact the HC to obtain more details of the timeframe for discussion of the planning proposal.
o       Actions: John Green: Contact Council for information about their ability to carry out the postal abllot and also about timeframe for discussion of the proposal
  1.   Affordable Housing Survey
    • The CC noted the response rate of 20%, and felt this was disappointing despite best efforts to publicise the survey
    • It was agreed to invite Ronnie Macrae of Highland Small Communities Housing Trust back to discuss actions based on survey results
o       Action: Irene Hendrie to invite Ronnie Macrae to next meeting         
  1.      Canisbay School
    • A reply has been received from Highland Council Education department which the CC did not think addressed our concerns.
o       Action: Irene Hendrie to follow up with another letter.
    • Speed Limits: The CC has been informed of proposals to create a 20mph limit in the approaches to the school and to extend the 30mph limit on the SW approach to the village. It was though much more important to extend the 30mph limit in the NE roadway down past the Surgery towards Seater
o       Action: Keith Muir to respond to HC.
  1.    Planning Framework
    • Chris Hobson attended a meeting held by Friends of the Earth in Inverness to discuss the new Planning Framework due to be introduced in January 2008, and presented members with information about the new regime. It is clear that the CC will be expected to comment on proposals to revise the local plan.
  1. AOB
·        Planning issues: Chris Hobson reported that the piecemeal approach to planning militated against the most efficient solutions, citing the example of access arrangements to new housing being built in Dunnet.
·        Cllr Robert Coghill took no part in discussions on planning issues.
·        Transport: Anna McConnell from the Caithness Partnership has written to the CC regarding transport issues.
o       Action: Irene Hendrie to reply
·        Planning: It was noted that planning consent had been granted for a further 6 months for the static caravan at Mey
·        Waterwatch, the consumer body for water matters is holding a meeting in the Park Hotel on 26th July at 7.30 – the CC was invited to attend.
  1. Next Meeting: 12th September 2007 in Castle Arms Hotel Mey at 7.30 pm
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