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Minutes Sept 2015

Minutes of Meeting of the

Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council

Held in Canisbay Village, Canisbay

On the 23rd Sept. 2015 at 7.30 p.m.

Those Present:           Eric Green, Acting Vice-Chairman

                                    Chris Hobson, Treasurer

                                    Ann Shearer

                                    Bill Mowat

                                    Barbara Hiddleston, Secretary

                                    Cllr. Gillian Coghill

Apologies:      Apologies were received from John Green, and Acting Sergeant Deborah Simpson.         

1.1.      As there were no corrections, Ann Shearer proposed the Minutes of previous meeting held on the 22nd July 2015 be accepted, which was seconded by Eric Green.

 2.        Matters Arising.

2.1.1    Condition of the roads. Eric Green had complained to the Highland Council about the state of repair of the roads around Brabster, who agreed they would look into this matter.

2.1.2    He also reported he had been informed that the work carried out on the Keiss Road was in abeyance as the men had been taken off to do another job, but it will eventually be completed.

2.2.      Cllr. Coghill agreed to chase up the letter sent to Ian Moncrieff regarding the site lines of the road junction from Dunnet straight on to Dwarwick Pier and to the left towards Brough, leading to the road to Dunnet Head.                                              Action Cllr. Coghill.             

2.3.      Proposed Improvements due at Dunnet Bay and on Dunnet Head.  As there were no signs of these improvement being carried out, Cllr. Coghill also agreed to make enquires as to its progress.                              Action Cllr. Coghill

2.4.1    John O’Groats and Natural Retreats plans for the Car Park.  Much concern was expressed at the lack of interest Natural Retreats and the Planning Dept. had shown regarding the interest and wishes of the local business owners and the local people about the plans for the John O’Groats car park.

2.4.2    After much debate, it was established that there was a great need to set up a meeting between the Highland Council, Natural Retreats, the Community Council, the Planning Department and the local business people for an open and honest dialogue which Eric Green proposed, which was seconded by all those present.

2.4.3.   Cllr. Coghill agreed to attend to this matter.                                     Action Cllr. Coghill  

3.         Chairman’s Report.  There was no Chairman’s Report

4.         Treasurer’s Report.

4.1       Chris Hobson, reported that as from the 27th August, the balance stood at £5,601.02p.  £3,000 was ring-fenced for the Cares funding for the Stroupster Windfarm Community Fund Development Plan.

4.2.1    He also reported that he had sent in the certified financial report for the year and was concerned that as yet he had not any communication from The Ward Manager.

4.2.2    Cllr. Coghill agreed to make enquiries.                                             Action Cllr. Coghill

4.3.      The Secretary handed over the receipt for the £250 paid out for cutting the grass at Nybster Broch which had been duly carried out.

5.         Secretary’s Report.

5.1.      Response from Village Halls.

5.1.1    Barbara Hiddleston reported that Britannia Hall, Dunnet proposed their share to be spent on a bench and a picnic table to be placed in front of their hall; St. Clare Hall, Aukengill proposed that their share be spent on their annual Community Hallowe’en Party;  Mey Hall proposed their share went towards their Day Care Centre Project, and Freswick Village Hall  proposed their share went towards their Community project to repair the road down to Sinclair Bay, and put forward their requests be accepted, which was unanimously agreed.

5.1.2.   There had been no response from the village halls of Canisbay or John O’Groats.

5.1.3.   The Secretary and the Treasurer would liaise regarding these payments. Action Barbara & Chris

5.2.      She also reported that the village halls in Freswick, Dunnet and Aukengill had responded to the monies available from Village officer’s Scheme and their invoices would be sent to the Association of Caithness Community Council Secretary which was in hand                 Action Barbara

5.3.      Community Council Elections. Barbara Hiddleston handed round the nomination forms for re-election to the Community Council, and pointed out they had to be handed in by 6th October.

5.4.      She also agreed to copy the posters advertising the Elections which Chris Hobson agreed to circulate.                                                                                                                  Action Barbara & Chris

5.5.1    Your Cash Your Caithness Project.  She brought to the attention of the Committee funding that was available to all community and voluntary groups from monies made available from the Ward Discretionary Fund of £30,000.  Funding of up to £3,000 per group was available. Date of close of application was Monday 19th October.  Those applying would be required to present their project at the an event on 21st October at Pultney Centre, Wick when each presentation would be put forward and a vote by those present would decide on the successful applicants.

5.5.2    After discussion, it was agreed this would be put onto our website, with the application form.

                                                                                                                        Action Barbara

6.         Planning – Weekly Report.   These had been noted.

7.         Highland Council Report.

7.1.      Cllr. Coghill reported that all Councils were awaiting on the British Government on the annual grant given to Scotland, so as yet, no decisions could be made on future plans.

7.2.1    Eric Green expressed his concern over the quality of schooling and the lack of teachers available within the County.

7.2.2.   Cllr. Coghill agreed to raise these concerns with Cllr. Drew Miller, Head of Education, Children & Adult Services Committee.

8.         AOB.

8.1.      On her return from leave, Acting Sergeant Deborah Simpson had sent a copy of her report, which the Secretary circulated to the Committee.

9.         Broadband.

9.1       Eric Green reported on the possible options available for Broadband, and after much discussion, he suggested that an approach should be made to the ‘Community Broadband Scotland’ which is a project set up by the Scottish Government led by HIE to help establish community broadband networks in remote communities such ours.

9.2.      He proposed he would contact the advisor for this Region, and ask if they would attend one of our meetings to explain to our Community what was available, which was given unanimous approval.

                                                                                                                                    Action Eric

10.       Date of Next Meeting.  The next meeting will be held on Monday 26th October, 2015 at Mey Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.                               


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