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Minutes April 2017

Minutes of Meeting of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council

Village Hall, Mey, on the 24th April 2017 at 7.30 p.m.


1.         Those Present            Eric Green, Chairman

                                                Bill Mowat, Vice Chairman

                                                Ann Shearer

                                                Tom Meikle   

                                                Barbara Hiddleston, Secretary

1.1       Apologies. Apologies were received from Chris Hobson, Treasurer

2          Minutes of Previous Meeting held 20th March 2017.

2.1       Ann Shearer proposed the Minutes of the previous meeting to be accepted, which was seconded by Bill Mowat.

3.         Matters Arising.

3.1       Scottish Natural Heritage (NHS) presentation on the proposed Special Protected Areas (pSPA). Due to the impending General Election, matters such as these would be put on hold.

3.2       Change of Boundaries. The Ward Manager had eventually replied saying he awaited the maps as regards where the actual new Ward boundary would bisect our Community Council which would be up to the new Highland Council’s Area Committee to make recommendations following the results of the local Council elections.   

3.3       Bus Timetables. As the new Bus Timetable only came out this day, it remains to be seen if any improvements have been made. 

3.5       Defibrillator. The defibrillator was awaiting delivery.   

3.6       Flooding in Mey. Tom Meikle reported that the local MSP Gail Ross had been contacted by the  owner of the house that suffered badly from the flooding.  This had caused progress, and action would now appear to be in hand.

3.7.1    Broadband issue.  Discussion then arose on how useful possible BT improvements could take place through Broadband Scotland. But it would appear the best way forward would be to set up our own community broadband with the Freswick/John O’Groats/Gills area and its environs to be targeted. Eric Green proposed this to be the main Item for our next meeting which was unanimously agreed. 

3.7.2    He agreed to advertise this proposal and as it was important that as many potential users be informed and involved to make it work, and we all should spread the word.       Action Eric et al

3.7.3    Bill Mowat had noted Ofcom had been invited by the Orkney Community Planning Partnership to investigate the claims of mobile phone providers and proposed he made inquiries regarding them visiting Caithness, which was unanimously agreed.                                                  Action Bill

3.8       Possible visit by Cyril Annal, Crofter’s Commissioner for Caithness & Orkney. Mr Annal had been approached and was very willing to attend one of our meetings.  As it was a subject that would cause great interest, it was agreed it would require advertising. After discussion, to fit in with our schedule, it was agreed to invite him to attend towards the end of summer.

3.9       Query as to why the Highland Council were not adopting the Turning Area at Barrock. Barbara Hiddleston reported that she had finally received a reply on 11th April 2017 to our query made on the 6th September 2016 from the Ward Manager who replied ‘The turning area was not subject to a Roads Construction Consent and therefore has not been constructed to the standards required by Highland Council for adoption’          

 4.        Treasurer’s Report. In the absence of the Treasurer, Barbara Hiddleston also reported that the balance remained at £767.88, and the Annual Accounts had been verified, and awaited collection, and will then be sent to the Ward Manager.

 5.        Chairman’s Report.  There was no Chairman’s Report

6.         Secretary’s Report. 

6.1       Annual Subscription to CVG. Barbara Hiddleston proposed we paid our annual subscription of £10 to CVG which was seconded by Eric Green.                                                      Action Barbara & Chris

6.2.1    Caithness Community Partnership Survey (CCP). She also raised the subject on a survey regarding the CCP.  This is a new way in which all can have a say in the future of our County as a result of the Community Empowerment Act 2015.  It is a partnership between Highland Council, HIENT, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and NHS.  After discussion, it was agreed that all should complete the survey with the deadline of this Thursday 27th April. 

6.2.2    There is to be a ‘Drop in Session’ for the CCP Thurso Locality Plan on Wednesday 24th May 2017 in the Highland Council Service Point office 10 – 3.30 p.m.

6.3.      Improving Parking in Scotland. Notice of this survey on line had been circulated for those who were interested in taking part.

7.         Planning. These had been noted.

8.         Highland Council Report.  There was no report

9.         A.O.B.  There was no other business

10.       Date of Next Meeting. The date of the next meeting is Monday 22nd May 2017 in the Village     Hall, Canisbay at 7.30 p.m. 


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