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Minutes March 2018

Dunnett and Canisbay Community Council - Minute of meeting held on the 26th March in Mey Hall


Present:           Eric Green                               Apologies        Anne Shearer

                        Bill Mowat

                        Thomas Meikle

                        Barry Butler

                        Henry Gunn

                        Mark Gibson

                        Beatrice Farmer

                        Carole Whittaker

                        Alex Macmanus- Highland Council

                        Willie Mackay – Councillor

                        Andrew Sinclair – Councillor


1          Welcome and Introduction

Chair welcomed all new community councillors and expressed thanks to all for putting themselves forward to participate in the council.


Noted apologies from Anne Shearer.


2          Role of Community Council- Alec Macmanus

Alec explained the role of the community council and the Highland Council Scheme for establishing community councils and where to find the information on the Highland Council web-site.


Alec also explained the role of the Association of community councils, and the need for regular representation form each council. 


He further explained the need for the CC to complete annual accounts and pay the membership fee of £30 for the association of Community Councils, payable to Liz Geddes of Castletown. 


He also noted the Dunnett and Canisbay Community Council had to hold an AGM in June.


3          Community council roles:


Representatives for the Association of Community Councils were asked for and Beatrice Farmer and Barry Butler volunteered. 


The position of Secretary was discussed, and volunteers requested, after discussion Beatrice Farmer agreed to trial the position for two months until the AGM. 


4          Bus Services – Councillor Willie Mackay highlighted that Stagecoach were proposing further changes to the bus routes as follows:


      Service 77 (Gills Bay – John O’Groats – Wick): Gills Bay to John O’Groats section withdrawn, reduced frequency on Mondays to Fridays, whole service withdrawn on Saturdays.

·         Service 81 (Thurso – Castletown – Wick): Revised timetable and reduced frequency. Withdrawn on Saturdays.

·         Service X82 (Thurso – Dunbeath to connect for Inverness) withdrawn.

·         Service X99 (Thurso – Inverness) reduced by one journey in each direction.

·         Revised services within the two towns; generally, these give improved cross-town links, especially in Wick.


It was agreed that members would take time to consider this and discuss at the next meeting to decide if a formal response was required.


5          Village Officer Scheme:


The village officer scheme was discussed, and it was agreed that as in previous years members should look for small tasks that would improve the environment in our area.  it was noted the budget remained at £600.


6          Chairman’s report:


The chair reported that three significant project shad been approved at the windfarm funding group.  A community Broadband Scheme had been agreed that would initially cover the area until Mey, when BT complete the exchange upgrade to the Barrock exchange it would cover the entire community council area.  this would offer download speeds of up to 70MBps, for a price comparable to the same offering from BT, with no download limits. 


The John O’Groats Football pitch upgrade was also approved, this will greatly improve a significant local asset.


A funding package was also agreed for a community officer for the John O’Groats development trust, to take forward the projects highlighted in the community plan. 


The community plan for the community council area was highlighted and members were given the background to its production.  It was agreed that members would be given the chance to read and consider the plan and the updating of the plan would be discussed at the next meeting.


7          Treasurers Report.


Tom reported that the Council had £1400 in the bank.  He reminded everyone that £500 was earmarked for a defibrillator in the JOG area.


8          Health Service redesign


Tom Meikle reported from the meeting he had attended in the PPP building in Wick on the community redesign.  He reported that the process was on-going and that various clinicians had been present to answer questions and explain the need for change.  the meeting had agreed that NHSH should move to the next stage of the process of option appraisal. 


9          Date of Next meeting:


The next meeting was to be held in Canisbay Hall on the 23rd April.  This was to accommodate an election for a Public Member to the Stroupster Windfarm panel, two local candidates had put themselves forward to be elected. 

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