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Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council

Mey Hall

23 September 2019 at 7.30pm


Those Present

                                    Councillors                    Eric Green                     Chair    

                                                                        Barry Butler                   Treasurer

                                                                        Mark Gibson                 Secretary

                                                                        Henry Gunn

                                                                        Beatrice Farmer

                                                                                    Carole Whittaker

                                    Apologies                     Bill Mowat

                                                                        Ann Shearer

                                                                        Tom Meikle

                                                                        Raymond Bremner

            In Attendance                Eilidh Coll  (Foundation Scotland)                        


 1.  Minutes of the Previous Meeting

These were agreed with minor amendments.


2.  Chair's Report

2.1  The Chair handed over to Eilidh Coll of Foundation Scotland.

2.2  Eilidh was proposing changes to the Memorandum of Understanding which covered Community Council Membership on the windfarm panel.  The current arrangements were for four Community Council Members and five others. There was concern that if the Community Council in the forthcoming elections could not field enough members then this would put the panel in difficulty.

2.3  Eilidh proposed that amendments be made to enable a transfer of responsibilities to other local organisations (for instance the John o'Groats Development Trust.

2.4 Councillor Green suggested that instead of changing the memorandum, the Community Council might be better to co-opt members to the CC and then appoint them to the Panel.

2.5  Councillor Gibson agreed with Councillor Green in that there was no necessity to change the Memorandum of Understanding at this point.

2.6 Councillor Green pointed out that membership from the community council rotated every two years and that after the next elections there would be a rotation of two CC panel members.  This would be discussed at the next meeting following the Community Council elections in November.

2.7 There was agreement that no changes would be made to the Memorandum of Understanding.

2.8  The Community Council noted that there had been a good response to the Education fund.  It was suggested that the fund be extended to look at scholarships for a smaller number of students and to widen the scope to apprenticeships.

2.9 Councillor Green went on to raise the Community Action Plan renewal.  He noted that he wad spoken to third parties about getting advice and expertise and had spoken to the Community Development Centre in Glasgow.  A meeting would be organised hopefully in November where we could present a vision of what we wanted.

2.10 Eilidh Coll noted that Foundation Scotland should be amenable to ;funding this as it formed part of their core purpose.   It was agreed that Eilidh be invited to the meeting with the Community Development Centre.



3.  Treasurer's Report

3.1  Councillor Butler reported that the annual income from Highland Council had still not been received but they had got all the necessary paperwork.  Some cheques were outstanding.  The account balance stood at just over £1837.

3.2  Councillor Green asked that  members consider what areas capital expenditure might be made  


4 Secretary's Report

4.1  Councillor Gibson went through several items of correspondence set to the council.  He also outlined the election timetable for Community Councils.


5.  Infrastructure and Transport

5.1  Deloittes Councillor Green noted that he had seen the press coverage and had spoken to Threshold Sports.  Andrew Mowat of the John o'Groats Development Trust had also spoken to Threshold Sports and had organised for the car park to be available for the public rather than taken over by the event.  Event parking was largely located to the show field.

5.2 Councillor Green noted that the event seems to have gone off without too many problems this year. Councillor Butler agreed however there were some problems including private bins being used by the event.  Councillor Whittaker also raised a temporary disruption to the water supply.

5.3 Councillor Green stated that the event organisers did not want negative publicity and had worked to sort out any difficulties.  They would be happy to meet with the before the next event and sort out any other problems.

5.4  It was agreed to take Threshold Sports  up on their offer of a meeting.


6.  AOB

8.1   Car Park Fund.  Councillor Green stated that there were expectations that a full years of takings from the fund could amount to between £20 and £30k.  The takings for the first part year of operation were already good and the number of complaints were small.  Suggestions for improvement were needed.

8.2  Councillors put forward a number of suggestions including improving John o'Groats as a place to visit with a better start and finish line and some way of stopping stickers being placed on the signpost.  Other suggestions included a play park, Christmas lights, better signposting, a viewpoint on Warth Hill and upgrades to the show field.

8.3 Viking Festival:  The Community Council offered its thanks to Councillor Whittaker and Councillor Gibson for delivering a successful Viking Festival in John o'Groats.

8.4  Congratulations was also given to the Dunnet Community for the successful Tunes in the Dunes event.

8.5  It was resolved to invite a representative from Stagecoach to the next meeting and discuss bus issues.



John o'Groats Hall  on Monday 21 October at 7.30pm


The meeting closed


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