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9 April 2008

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Northern Sands Hotel, Dunnet on Wednesday 9 April 2008 at 7.30pm.
Members Present                                                                 
John Green – Chair                                      
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                            
Wullie Sinclair                                                                        
Eric Green                                          
Highland Council                                   
Robert Coghill - Cllr                                                                           
Alex Macmanus - Ward              
Managers Team
Caithness Energy Advice (CEA)
Angela Craig
Alasdair Harper
4 members of the public
Keith Muir - Treasurer                                                       
Minutes of the last meeting were adopted: Proposed Eric Green
                                                          Seconded John Green
1.      Angela Craig gave a very interesting presentation on the work of CEA. She highlighted home visits, social tariff and help with insulation costs. She would welcome direct referrals from members of the community
2.      Matters arising from the minutes
·         Helen Allan had replied to say that funding was now in place for the Broch Centre and that Highland Council was deciding which work would form Phase 1. Work should start in the next few months.
·         Roy Kirk would attend our next meeting to discuss JOG and tidal energy developments
·         Alex Macmanus reported that the roads department were compiling a report on the remedial work to be carried out on the Freswick Canisbay road.
·         George Murray would be happy to follow up any reports of illegal parking
·         Grass cutting to the Brochs in Auckengill was no longer the responsibility of TEC services. Planning should be undertaking the grass cutting from now on. 
                  Action To be confirmed by Alex Macmanus
3.      Dunnet Beach Clean
The first clean had been completed and permission had been obtained from both landowners. A further clean would take place in June. A radioactive hotspot had been detected during the clean. This gave the members some cause for concern and reinforced the feeling that the NDA should be undertaking beach cleaning at Dunnet.
4.      Gates for Core Paths
Permission had been obtained to erect gates at St Johns Point and Duncansby Head.             Action Secretary to get quotes from two contractors
5.      Any other business
·         Bilingual Signs
The members agreed to write to Highland Council Chief Executive about the decision to introduce Gaelic signs in Caithness. There was very strong feeling against this decision in the community
                                                Action Secretary to write to Alistair Dodds
·         Community Transport
The recent survey of transport needs had approximately 24% response rate with twelve individuals interested in volunteering to drive a community minibus. The initial indication showed a clear need for community based transport and for improvements to the existing bus service. A public meeting would be arranged shortly with a view to establishing a community transport group.
·         Litter bins
The lay-by on the east end of Dunnet beach was a popular stopping place and litter was being left behind. 
                  Action   Alex Macmanus to look into obtaining a litter                        bin
·         Wind Farm Publication
A member of the Public drew attention to a report published on the Scottish government website entitled The Economic Impact of Wind Farms on Scottish Tourism. The research carried out by Glasgow Caledonia University had incomplete, inaccurate and questionable findings in relation to Caithness.       
Action Members to look at the report and decide if any      action could be taken
·         Landward Councillors
Robert Coghill would not be attending our meetings for a little while. The landward councillors would rotate around landward community councils and David Flear would attend our next meeting. John Green thanked Robert for his help and support on many issues.
6.      Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting would be held in Freswick hall on Wednesday 14 May 2008 at 7.30pm.
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