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Minutes May 2008

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Freswick Hall on Wednesday 21 May 2008 at 7.30pm.
Members Present
Chris Hobson Vice Chair
Irene Hendrie – Secretary
Eric Green
Highland Council                                
David Flear - Cllr                                                                                
Robbie Mackintosh – Ward Managers Team
John Green - Chair
Keith Muir - Treasurer
Wullie Sinclair
Alex Macmanus
Present - 3 members of the public   
1.      Minutes of the last meeting were adopted Proposed Eric Green
      Seconded Chris Hobson
2.      Matters arising from the minutes
Robbie Mackintosh would check with Alex Macmanus to see if a litter bin would be placed at the east end of Dunnet beach
3.      Community Council Boundaries
Members studied the plan showing the proposed changes to the boundaries. In line with previous discussions they decided against the new boundary and preferred to stick with the present arrangement. In view of the tidal power developments taking place in the firth the current area was considered most appropriate for effective community representation.
            Action Secretary to write to David Sutherland
4.      Transport Survey
The results of the transport survey had been written up and a copy of the report sent to members. It had shown that transport was an important issue for many in the community particularly older people, also that the existing bus service was inadequate and that there was demand for a community based transport initiative. Thirty four people were interested in volunteering and one hundred wanted a copy of the finished report. A public meeting would be held in June with interested residents invited to attend. Punctuality was an issue and this had been highlighted to Rapson’s/Stagecoach who were undertaking a Highland wide review of services. The Barrock bus shelter was positioned off the main road and residents requested it be moved to where users could benefit from it. Freswick bus shelter was also highlighted as being too far from the main road and should also be moved. The current bus service did not link with the ferry at Gills. If this were to be remedied a bus shelter would be needed at the main road.  
Action Secretary to write to Rapson’s/Stagecoach re Freswick bus shelter and arrange public meeting regarding community transport
Robbie Mackintosh to pursue the moving of Barrock and Freswick bus shelters
5.      Gates for Core Paths
A quote had been received from George Shearer for installing the gates which was accepted by the members. David Flear suggested the Discretionary Fund might be able to help with some funding.
Action Secretary to ask George Shearer to proceed with the installation and submit application to the Discretionary Fund
6.      Planning
David Flear took no part in the discussion of planning matters. The consultation documents for a caravan site development in East Mey were discussed. No representation would be made.
7.      Any other business
·         Roads - Repairs to the road from Freswick to Canisbay was being actively pursued by TEC services.
·         Speeding – A member of the Freswick community was concerned about the number of speeding motorists on the main road between 5.00pm and 9.00pm.
       Action Secretary to notify community police officer
·         Grass cutting - David Flear reported increased funding of around £300,000 had been allocated to Caithness to improve grounds maintenance. There had also been a thorough review of the grass cutting service and improvements implemented. Members present agreed there was a marked improvement. 
       Action Robbie Mackintosh to forward a schedule of grass cutting for the area
·         Ambulance Service – A member of the public highlighted an issue with the ambulance service which had not been available when her father needed it.       
       Action Secretary to write to Kay Oswald to see what improvements if any had been made over the past year
·         Brochs, Auckengill - Alex Macmanus had arranged grass cutting on the path to the brochs and it was now much tidier. There was a small amount of rubbish on ground near the Brochs Centre. The members agreed to write to the landowner asking if this could be removed. 
       Action Secretary to write to landowner
8.      Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be held in the Seaview Hotel, John O’ Groats at 7.30 on 11 June 2008.
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