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June 2008

Minutes of the Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council meeting held in Seaview Hotel, John O’ Groats on Wednesday 11 June 2008 at 7.30pm.

Members Present                                                                            
John Green – Chair                                 
Chris Hobson - Vice Chair                                        
Irene Hendrie – Secretary                                                    
Keith Muir – Treasurer                   
Eric Green   

Wullie Sinclair

Highland Council
David Flear - Cllr                                                                              
Alex Macmanus – Ward Manager’s Team


Roy Kirk, Area Manager HIE  
Mary Legg, Countryside Ranger
George Honeyman
Lewella Honeyman

1.      John O’ Groats Development and Tidal Energy Projects

Roy Kirk gave an update on the progress of both developments. A scoping study for the John O’ Groats project had been undertaken and the results were expected shortly. It would be issued to the community council and other stakeholders for comment before proceeding to a full feasibility study.   

·         The community council would consult widely and deliver feedback on the views of the community. 

·         Roy Kirk agreed to provide a project plan and timeline for the development. 

·         Community benefit was discussed and community representation on the working group set up to deliver the project was agreed.

Tidal Power development had reached a stage where developers would soon be ready to deploy devices in the firth. Apart from the technological challenges the main obstacles were grid connection and the need for the Crown Estate to implement a licensing system. 

·         Roy Kirk would raise the question of community representation with the Pentland Firth Tidal Energy Board

·         The community expected some form of benefit from any development and the community council would look at what form this might take

·         High energy using businesses should be encouraged to locate in the area providing employment opportunities. In particular HIE would look at ways of maximising employment in the rural areas.

·         Roy Kirk would forward a simple document outlining the project potential, major milestones and expected timeline

2.      Minutes of the last meeting were adopted Proposed Eric Green    Seconded Chris Hobson

3.      Matters arising from the minutes

·         The council had no budget for renewing or re positioning bus shelters

·         John Green would contact Sheila Fletcher Snr Rural Transport Officer and set a date for the community transport public meeting in Canisbay.

4.      Removal of BT payphones

BT had provided a list of the payphones earmarked for removal. It was agreed the payphone in John O’ Groats should be retained as it was used regularly, there was very poor mobile network coverage and a ferry and several busses terminated in John O Groats.

Action Secretary to write to Alison Clark

5.      Freswick Post Box

Action Secretary to write to Post Office requesting post box be moved

6.      National Mod 2010

The members agreed to donate £20 to help organise the fundraising campaign and to request that some of the fringe activities take place in the community.

Action Secretary to write to organising committee

7.      Gate at St John’s Point

Jimmy Mathieson had contacted the chairman as the grazing committee was unhappy about the installation of the gate and felt it did not close securely.

Action Secretary to contact George Shearer, arrange for gate to be improved and send letter of apology to grazing committee

8.      Grass cutting

The members noted the considerable improvement in grass cutting. 

Action Alex Macmanus to pass recognition to those involved

9.      Broch Centre

The broch centre was still closed and there was no sign of work beginning on site.                                        

Action David Flear to pursue progress with Helen Allan

10. Dunnet Beach

Mary Legg would contact the contractor to arrange another one day clean in July. The beach had remained reasonably clear of litter since the last clean in March.                                    

Action David Flear to check on progress of our application for assistance to Dounreay Communities Fund

11. Planning

David Flear took no part in the discussion of planning matters. The members had studied the weekly lists of planning applications and would make no representations.

12. The next meeting would take place on Wednesday 9 July 2008 at 7.30 in Dunnet hall.

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